I have spent the last couple of years bobbing around Southeast Asia, India and Australia, and while there is nothing like an expat conscious community in the East, I feel so at home in the West. I’ve missed Europe dearly and it feels wonderful to be back. Unfortunately I’m unable to legally work in this incredible continent, leaving me to spend spend spend without an income. So while I search for means to earn some cash to support myself, I’m worried about my finances and my near future. Now worry is an unproductive and damaging emotion. My finances are fine this moment, and I want to live in the present moment, so I certainly don’t want to worry about my finances and my future right now.

With this weight on my shoulders, two days ago I decided I wanted, and have been rambling on about since, abundance.

Now our friend, Bashar, an alien from the future who speaks through Channel, Darryl Anka—have I completely lost you because I’m speaking like a crazy bag lady?—defines abundance as “the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”

So according to Bashar, I have abundance this moment. Right now I have the ability to do what I need to do when I need to do it. And while an extra $10,000 in my bank account would be fantastic, it wouldn’t grant me with more abundance, just excess money in the bank.

…OK, and maybe relieve some stress.

So I’m staying present, following my heart, and trusting that I am where I need to be at this point in my life. Worrying about not having abundance in the future is useless as the future doesn't exist yet. I would be loosing power by reinforcing negative energy into something that isn't even real.

This is what my friends have been listening to me babble about the past couple of days. Then last night, I closed my eyes and hovered my hands over a messy pile of tarot cards in my friend’s kitchen. I placed my finger on a single card, picked it up and it said, ABUNDANCE. Seriously??? Amazing. My friend read the card's description to me, identifying that it was abundance, but "abundance of love."

Now I don’t know if my abundance of LOVE is romantic love, unconditional love, the ultimate truth that is love, but I know that I need to open my heart. It’s been broken since my mom died four months ago and I think it’s time to let love back in. So how to open my heart? Michael A. Singer says in his book, The Untethered Soul, that we close our heart when we allow fear in, so I can only imagine that letting go of that fear will open my heart.

OK, so let go of fear, Brittany. There is no need for it as right now, you have abundance.


. . .

Now back to our Earthling understanding of abundance. Bashar (our alien friend from the future) believes that us Earthlings are trained to think that money is the only representation of abundance. And when we have a definition that focuses us to believe that money is the only doorway in which abundance can come, we’re actually closing and locking all the other doorways through which the “ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it,” can come to us. So if we can let go of the idea that abundance can only come in the form of money, and allow all forms of abundance to be equal—whether it's money, love, or something else—then the form of abundance that is best for us will flow to us.

So I’m letting go of fear, opening my heart, and allowing abundance to flow in.

. . .

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