Fall in love with your body.

Transform your relationship with food.

Experience restful sleep and abundant energy.

Enhance your mental focus.

Improve your immune integrity.

Experience mind/body bliss with the practical, modern wisdom from the ancient traditions of yoga and Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is more than another natural system of fighting disease; it is lifestyle wisdom that promotes health consciousness.  Ayurveda asks us to choose measures that enhance our well-being, such as eating a living diet and adopting daily and seasonal rituals.  It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full potential.


Ayurveda believes that with a holistic rejuvenation of mind and body, we can retain youthfulness and vitality through effective and nourishing ways to care for the skin, hair, mind, and body.  With small changes in your habits, you can age gracefully, feel good inside your body, and thrive.

It’s your time to evolve your habits and realign with bliss.

Your palate will be smarter.

Your body and mind will receive the rest they deserve.

Your intuition will be deeply honored, and easily heard.

Excess body mass will evaporate.

You will have all the energy you desire.

Realign With Bliss is a 10-week journey where you tap into your body's full potential using the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda coupled with behavioral science. Through yoga health group coaching calls, one-to-one laser coaching sessions, and dynamic group support, you'll begin to feel good inside your body again, experiencing more energy, focus, and ease.


An understanding of your unique mind/body type

By understanding your current state of imbalances, you can find the right answers for what your body needs so that you can feel good again.

Tips on how to care for your sense organs


Your five senses collect information from your external enviornment and transmit it through the sense organs.  Caring for your sense organs can improve the quality of your thoughts and emotions, regulate your nervous system and quality of sleep.

Behavioral science basics

Applying techniques of behavioral evolution allows changing foundational habits to be more manageable so that you can reach your desired results.

Simple, inexpensive, healthy recipes

With a healthy diet, you can balance your physiology and enable your mind and body to function at optimum levels.

Strategies for more restorative sleep, increased energy, and improved digestion​

Yoga, meditation and breathwork exercises that you’ll love​​

Feel good moving inside your body, clearing your energy channels, and find peace and quiet in your mind.


Automate these 10 Habits of Yogis

for Longevity + Mind/Body Bliss

Earlier, lighter dinner

Eat dinner early and you'll digest your food before bed.  You'll burn fat vs. waking up with a food hangover.

Early to bed

An effective bedtime routine guarantees a good night sleep.  Reverse engineer your deep rest and start the day on top of the world.

Early to rise

“Early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Night owls be aware - you will age faster than a speeding bullet.  Become a morning dove and your entire day will be highly functional.

Breath body practices

Your pranic body needs to be aired out every morning, preferably before you hand it over to your mind. Take 20 minutes to move, breath and sweat.

Plant-based diet

I didn't say raw vegan.  I said plant-based. Eat more plants and you'll feel more alive.  Eat more plants that grow in your 'hood and you'll feel more connected in general.


Give yourself a rubdown with your hands.  You can use oil or dry bush gloves or naked hands.  Awaken your inner super healing powers.

Easeful living

Flip your switch from stress to ease.  It's a choice in each minute. Return to #7 if this is out of reach. Choose an orientation of ease through your day-to-day commitments, passions and responsibilities.

Healthier eating guidelines

Are you eating 3 meals a day without snacking?  Did you already nail habit 1? Then you can check this off.  However, most of you, yeah you, are grazing through the day, gaining weight and feeling grumpy. Stop. Cut yourself off between meals.

Come to your senses

Your eyes, ears, skin, tongue and nostrils all hold the potential for longevity and dynamic aging.  Learn how to take care of your senses so they last through old age.

Sitting in silence

Just sit.  Just take a few minutes everyday to just sit and do nothing.  Let the world go by. You'll feel less stressed. If meditation doesn't work for you, then just catch a few moments of silence, especially when you're feeling rushed or out of sync.

Is Realign With Bliss right for you?

  • You’re busy, tired, and want more control over your time.

  • You’re not as fit, flexible or strong as you wish.

  • You'd like to kick your self-nourishment up a notch.

  • You don’t meditate enough as you think you should.

  • You want self-care to be easy and amazing.

  • You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

  • You want to eat a better diet.

  • You want more energy.

  • You want to sleep well.

  • You want to design your body & your life.​

After Realign With Bliss, you'll notice that you have more time, focus, and control in your life.

What is the student experience?

Live Sessions

Live weekly yoga health coaching sessions with Brittany

One-to-one laser coaching sessions with Brittany​

The Course Hub

Ayurvedic and habit evolution lessons in video and pdf format

Realign With Bliss worksheets and homework assignments


Realign With Bliss Facebook Forum

Receive support from other Realign With Bliss members

Build a community with others who are on the same path of transformation

Realign With Bliss

10 Yoga Health Coaching Calls | Value 450€

3 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions | Value 90€​

1 Printable workbook | Value 25€

2 Ayurvedic Wellness Sessions | Value 200€

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course | Value 225€​

Total Value = 990€

Investment = 650€


Payment Options:

Monthly = 3 payments of 250€

In full = 650€


Annual Ticket

4 Rounds of Realign With Bliss

40 90-minute Coaching Calls | Value 1800€

6 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions | Value 180€

6 Ayurvedic Wellness Sessions | Value 520€​

1 Printable workbook | Value 25€​

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course | Value 225€​

Total Value 2930€

Investment = 1175€​


Payment Options:

Monthly = 12 payments of 115€

Quarterly = 4 payments of 340€

In full = 1175€